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Our Houses here at Aston-on-Trent Primary School are Boden Holden, Forman and Swann. 

These House names were chosen in collaboration with our School Council and the local history group located at Aston Heritage Centre. 
Scroll down to find out more about each house!

The Boden family lived in a large house called Aston Lodge, which is where the park is now.  

The Boden family also owned a house in Derby, which is now the Friary pub.  

The Boden family owned a Lace factory in Derby. They were well-known for being good to their workers, providing houses and a chapel for them. They also donated money to community projects in both Derby and Aston.  

In later years, the Boden family set up Aston’s first bus service from the village to Derby.  



The Forman brothers, Frank and Frederick, lived in Aston over 100 years ago.  

They were keen footballers, and played for the village team when they were young.  

When they were both 19 years old, they signed for Derby County.  

Later, they both went on to sign for Nottingham Forest. Here, they had huge success.  

They were both part of the Nottingham Forest squad when the club won the FA Cup in 1898. (They beat Derby County 3-1.) 

Both brothers also played for England. They were the first brothers to play in the same England game together and the first brothers to score in the same international match (against Ireland in 1899).  





Holden were a family that lived at Aston Hall over 370 years ago.  

All those years ago, children didn’t go to school. They had to help their parents work (mostly working in the fields). 

However, in the middle of the 19th century, the Holden family built a proper school for the children of Aston. 

This building is still located on Derby Road, opposite Long Croft.  

There is also a road in Aston named after the Holden family. 




Swann was the family name of the owners of the old bakery and grocery shop in Aston, which is now the Post Office.  

The corner of Derby Road and Weston Road, where the Post Office is now, was always known as Swanny Street Corner.  

The Swann family ran the local shop in Aston for over 75 years.