In April 2013, the Government announced new funding of £150 million for Sport to improve the quality and breadth of Physical Education in schools provision.  From September 2013 Aston-on-Trent Primary School will be receiving about £9,000 annually in the academic years up to 2015/16 to do just that.

At Aston-on Trent Primary School we value the role PE and sport has in the education, enjoyment and well-being of our pupils. We are already delivering good quality provision in this area, but we want to do better; we are delighted to be given this opportunity to widen and improve PE and Sport in school and the community.

PE and School Sport Vision Statement

At Aston-on-Trent Primary School our aim is to provide:
•  High quality physical education and school sport from EYFS to Year 6 and beyond ( through strong links with secondary PE departments).
• An environment which recognises the importance of sport and other physical activities in the promotion of pupils health, self-esteem and general well-being
• A safe and supportive environment in which an enjoyable, inclusive, broad and appropriate range of activities and opportunities are available that meet the needs of all pupils.
• Opportunities for pupils to fulfil their potential in a range of sporting and physical activities.
• Opportunities for pupils to engage in meaningful peer leadership and coaching roles.
• Opportunities for celebration of participation and success in physical activities and sport, both in and out of school.
• Sustainable opportunities for participation and performance in school and community.
• Teachers and coaches who are well trained, inspiring and knowledgeable.
• A positive and ‘sporting’ attitude to the support and enjoyment of sport and physical activity which will (hopefully) foster a life-long interest.
• Accurate and useful assessment of pupil progress
• Opportunities for continuing professional development, in PE and sport, for all staff, and outside providers.

In order to fulfil these aims, this academic year, our focus will be to:
• Widen pupil experiences of physical activities by increasing the range and variety of sports/activities taught as part of the curriculum.
• Ensure all children receive the same proportion of their curriculum time as physical activity, across all Key Stages.
• Develop a co-ordinated approach to assessment of pupils’ progress in PE.
• Implement a physical literacy intervention at FS and KS1.
• Improve and increase our resources and equipment.
• Continuing professional development of all staff involved in delivering PE and sport.

CLICK HERE to download details of the Funding Breakdown.
CLICK HERE to download details of the Physical Education Development Plan.