Our Vision and Values

We believe that every child is entitled to a successful education which enables them to fulfil their potential through the enjoyment of learning.

We believe in promoting our pupils confidence and self-esteem together with respect and consideration for others, giving them an awareness of the wider world and the skills they will need to make their contribution in the society of the future.

Our pupils

  • Outstanding educational standards

  • Outstanding standards of behaviour

  • A love of learning and enquiring minds

  • Strong social and interpersonal skills

  • Healthy lifestyles

  • Respect for self and others

  • Readiness for secondary education

Our future

  • Ability to embrace change

  • Enterprise and independence

  • Strong ICT skills

  • Global awareness

Our school community

  • A safe, secure and stimulating environment

  • Inspirational, highly-skilled and caring staff

  • High quality training and development

  • An appropriate, innovative and challenging curriculum

  • First-rate skills and provision in ICT

  • High quality resources for work and play


Our wider community

  • Excellent relationships with parents and carers

  • Good communications processes

  • A positive role in the local community

  • Good links with support agencies